Mae Babitz - Artist

In the 1950s, when urban planning in Los Angeles focused its municipal eye on a post-war passion for building things newer, better, and taller, artist Mae Babitz was traveling the back streets and alleys to capture the energy and vitality of the city’s earliest buildings.  A journey that was often defined by staying one step ahead of the bulldozer’s path, Babitz was able to capture the grace and beauty of more than forty architecturally significant homes and office buildings before they were torn down.

Her quill and ink and pen and ink drawings of historical icons includes the world renown Watts Towers, the Hale House, the Bradbury Building, and locations at Bunker HillFourth Street and Main, and Los Angeles High School. A remarkable and original collection, which is now owned by UCLA, Babitz’s work represents a view into a bygone era.

Today, the Babitz Estate is making a collection of prints made by the artist herself through the 1950s, 60s and 70s available for sale. A rare gathering of stunning limited edition silk-screened prints on high-quality paper selected by the artist, these are the only surviving records of the structures that once graced the Los Angeles skyline – and are the only original prints available to the public, today. Highly collectible and sought after by fine art aficionados around the world, the original Mae Babitz prints are for sale on a limited basis and only while they last.  No new prints will be produced by the Estate.